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You Never Know

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

My friends and mentors, Katie and Gay Hendricks.

I met my first coach on Facebook in January 2015. I loved him dearly and still do! It wasn't long before I found out that he was a graduate of Katie and Gay's 2-year coaching program. In July 2015, through an amazing set of circumstances, I found myself in California attending one of the seminars that the Hendricks Institute does twice yearly, and in January 2016, I joined the LAT program.

What is LAT?

LAT stands for Leadership and Transformation. A two-year program where Katie and Gay had the vision of simply giving people the tools they need to help facilitate other people to have breakthroughs...without 6-8 years of college and thousands of clinical hours that are required to get the skills that they both had. They are both PhD's, in fact.

Their legacy is much greater than psychology degrees though. They saw the burn-out rate for social workers and doctors of psychology typically in the five year range and knew, this did not have to be so. With a strong commitment to enjoyment and new paradigms, they became a living laboratory. It tickles them that the books and essays they were publishing decades ago are recently being backed by clinical studies. They were the proof and they still are! Dissemination of their methods is what mattered. Even today, they encourage anyone to share, coach, and publish anything based on their work with only the clear request of including them in the credits so people may return to the original source if they wish.

In many ways I was still scared of my own shadow when I met them. I was shy, a bit insecure, and I found Katie especially intimidating with her knowing gaze upon me. That gaze was actually knowing since she herself had experienced what it was like to feel small and shy (in her earlier years). I wanted what they had, so I braved my way through.

Truly it was braving-it, because I continually had to contribute while I was scared as hell. There were no rules in the LAT program! So that meant no norms to follow, no way to be a chameleon, no way to get it "right." I had to emerge authentically...or sink and slip away. So I emerged. With their coaxing and delight I advanced and flourished. Today the confidence and skills I have are unparalleled and I owe it to their vision, belief, and commitment to abundance, service, and enjoyment.

"You never know when it is going to happen, when you will experience a moment that dramatically transforms your life. When you look back, often years later, you may see how a brief conversation or an insight you read somewhere, changed the entire course of your life." -Gay Hendricks

I was in an oppressive relationship and hated my job when I encountered my first coach. Little did I know he would help me get out of that relationship, learn to have faith in my self, and inadvertently connect me with two people who would set me on a course of bliss for the next three years, and that's just so far. Because at the very heart of my life and business are the skills Katie and Gay have successfully used for decades. Today I teach others how to self-source confidence, have incredible relationships, have greater business success, and generally live more happily on an on-going basis. The entire course of my life has changed.

I'm happy.

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