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My goal is to be more happy. If that sounds good to you, follow me, I know the way.

Happiness is like breathing now: effortless and normal.

However, for most of my life, I was unhappy.
Life was hard.
(My story shocks most people).
I worked very hard, I gave a lot, I tried hard, and I loved hard.
That sounds honorable, right? Maybe even familiar?
In reality, I was shy and uncertain.
I was overweight.
I had financial insecurities.
I had mediocre relationships.
I lacked confidence.
I used comforting distractions: alcohol, smoking, sugar, food, caffeine, major people-pleasing, and television.
Looking back now, my happiness scale didn't even go to a ten. I thought that was for celebrities, the very wealthy, or people raised in a big family with support that I certainly never had. My happiness scale topped out at an eight.

I typically lived in the range of four to seven any given day, a
nd it felt like the number would move uncontrollably depending on people and circumstances.

My desperation to feel more "normal" and in control led me to formal education as well as attending a massive amount of workshops in trauma healing, life-coaching, personal growth, communication, mediation, nutritional and fitness training, and of course, hypnotherapy. I began to co-facilitate dozens of seminars with my teachers and mentors over a period of eight years and, as a result, became adept at all mentioned.
Today, my bad days are a seven. Higher than my previous norm. Discomfort will still surprise us sometimes. But my attitude no longer crashes. Not ever. Seriously.

I am so happy today not to be at the effect of people and circumstances anymore. I am the captain of my ship. The master of my domain. I am the sky, everything else is just the weather.
Now I teach people in just a few months what took me over 20 years to master. And with Rapid Transformational Therapy®, results can begin in as little as TWO HOURS.

If you also want to dance toe-to-toe with life, taking the lead powerfully and gracefully, contact me.


I will take the time to get to know you and your story. With your cooperation, we will address, decode and resolve major issues quickly.


Can you imagine feeling more optimistic and in control of your life in just four to six weeks?


With the tools I use and will share with you, you can expect to have more peace, more confidence, more influence, and more control.


You can be more happy.

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