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What clients say:

I have had the pleasure of working with Holly for the last four months on a personal transformation. She is an amazing listener, and has an uncanny ability to detect the slightest changes in your tone or expression and follow those clues to a meaty issue and push through to realization. Holly invites trust, openness, and ease. I am amazed at both the depth and pace of progress I have experienced in working with her. Thank you, Holly!


-Brad Gibson from San Francisco, CA

In five months with Holly I have done more work and made more positive change in my life than in three years with my therapist! She keeps me looking forward to what's possible and that's been motivating me to make changes that, before, I didn't even want to look at.


-Robert Barlow from Atlanta, GA

It's difficult to sum up the incredible impact that Holly has made in my life (in just 6 months!). In short, she’s changed my life.

Talking with Holly is a fluid conversation, rather than a one-sided interrogation that I’ve often felt in more “traditional” counseling settings. I’ve found this to be so refreshing, enabling us to really connect on a deeper, more relatable level.

I often find myself laughing and crying at the same time because she gets deep, but she's also very witty and fun. She brings a sense of lightheartedness to situations that often feel like ‘the end of the world’. I genuinely look forward to every session together and it's often a highlight of my week.

The biggest lesson I will take away from Holly is that I get to choose the direction I want my life to go, regardless of the past. I’ve been able to attract some pretty epic and magical things/people into my life since I met Holly. This is only the beginning, but I feel like I've reached a whole new level of happiness I never knew existed! Forever grateful for her guidance and intuition.

-Kacie Grayson from Santa Barbara, CA


You are such a gift to this planet! Such a blessing and a big beautiful heart that is clearly leading the way. Every time we talk it's like you open a door I didn't know was there! I always feel better and more sure. Thank you so much! 

-Tara Klein. from Los Angeles, CA 


Holly has helped me to find the switch that turns on the power living within me that gives life to my hopes and dreams.

I was grateful that Holly holds a safe and private space where I could discuss sensitive topics. Being able to discuss things objectively, and in detail, lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders, leading me to greater happiness.


I’ve been reminded that I’m only responsible for myself, my feelings, my thoughts, and my actions.I was able to let go of a toxic relationship with ease and embrace self-care. I can detach from my past without guilt and I know the goodness within me today. I feel happy and excited to continue on my journey.

My advice to someone on the fence about working with Holly would be to just try it. Try it and be open to the idea that good outcomes are available to you and they are unlimited…then see where really believing that takes you! I’d say let Holly guide you to your healing and enjoy the beautiful journey.

-Alex Lowery from Santa Ynez, CA 

I have and always will admire Holly's depth of passion for life, for learning, for loving, for healing, for wisdom, and for bravery. She will never truly know the power she's had on my life in teaching me that vulnerability and transparency creates a space for others.

                                                                                                                                                           -Kelly Silva from Phoenix, AZ

I was feeling stuck and becoming de-motivated as well as losing self-confidence. Holly’s ability to communicate and talk with me in a voice I could understand, helped me to realize that I do have power and value! It was only a short time after my initial consult with Holly that I was back to networking and consequently, 30 days later, I landed a perfect-fit career opportunity and resolved some major relationship issues too!

-Sam Hartford from Sacremento, CA

Personal coaching is about becoming all you are meant to be, about living a life of passion, purpose, and learning to impact those around you positively. Holly creates the space and provides the tools that will impact your life enormously. Who we are becoming today is due in no small way to Holly’s support, encouragement, and commitment.


-Jack Harrison from Philadelphia, PA

It’s amazing to me now that it all started with one little decision in my mind to call and then actually show up. I truly believe I wouldn’t be in this place without having made that call.

I could have read all the f*@&ing books and meditated all day, but actually having someone to talk to who understands and also lifted my understanding has been a blessing in my life.

When I think of eight months ago it’s unfathomable that I would be like this today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Marshall Barry from Montecito, CA

I look at the world in a whole new way. The value that others bring to my life is so much more apparent. I'm having more fun and making decisions is easier. Thank you!

-Caleb Brooks  from Santa Barbara, CA

Honestly, I thought this coaching was going to be generic. Now I’m shocked. Holly was so cool and it was great to be seen and figure out what I want. It also confirmed things I already knew and I've been able to share it with my family in an easy way. I’m excited about the future now.

-Eric Delgado from Santa Fe, NM

Holly has an easy and approachable style that was a pleasure to work with! She is a deep listener and proved herself to be very insightful. I've gained clarity around my behaviors, triggers, and natural abilities. I'm now taking actions that make me happy - and that also work for everyone. Our sessions allowed me to look at things in a fresh new way and it was so helpful to me in navigating through a transition in my life.

-Margot Garrett from Boston, MA

Especially as a college student with many career questions on my mind, it was wonderful to talk to someone who could objectively see me and compare my core values with my core interests and offer guidance. Coaching is remarkable and I believe everyone should have the opportunity. I definitely plan to stay in contact with my coach, Holly, as I move forward and will continue to reference my coaching often!

-Allie Lambert from Savannah, GA

I met Holly to address difficulty I was having in relationships. Working in a focussed way with her, going deeply into the core of specific issues, allowed me to crystalize the underlying difficulty I was having. Recognition and then transformation to a new way of being happened in the first RTT session and tools to maintain this change, long-term, are proving invaluable.


-Paul Collins from Denver, CO 

You can expect that, very quickly, you will have more peace,
more confidence, more influence, more control, and you will be more happy.
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